The importance of participating in your community – python, GIS or otherwise.

I just solved a problem that has perplexed me for a week. I have banged my head and the heads of my colleagues on an issue that has pretty much halted a project. It was solved today because someone 4 years ago posted a little note on the ESRI forums and I am so grateful to them I would like to hug them. Thank you Rafael Ferraro! I would thank you in the forums, but the comments have been closed in the old archived forums.

So this brings to mind the importance of each and every one of us participating in our communities. Each voice is

important. Each triumph and road block should be put out there for everyone to examine.

And speaking of that… it’s time I started posting again too. I’ve been busy helping with a little project I think you all might be interested in. I’ve been one of the technical editors on an ArcPy ‘cookbook’. The author is Eric Pimpler, who I met as he was teaching a python class in Seattle, which I attended. I had a good background in Python already, so much of the first section of the class was review. Therefore I finished the exercises early and had time to edit his workbook, finding a few small nitpicky errors here and there. Well I guess I made enough of an impression that he invited me to colloborate on a book. About all I had time to commit to was editing. The result was published this past March. I think you will find it useful with step-by-step examples of common tasks. They are good building blocks for your start in ArcPy if you haven’t had any exposure to it yet, If you are already familiar with ArcPy then it might be mostly review. Give it a look and I would appreciate a review at Amazon if you think it worthy.

Hey we are about a week away from the Washington GIS conference in Lynnwood, WA. I’ll be there. All the details are here. I’ll be presenting on using ReportLab – a python plugin – to make nice looking reports. See ya there.


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