Intermediate Python Workshop – What to cover?

Hello GIS Studio followers!  Wordpress tells me there are 200 of you?  Seriously?  Well let’s put that power to work.

Lets Talk

Lets Talk

I am creating a new half day workshop designed to cover intermediate python topics – as they relate to GIS tasks.

Here’s an outline of the topics so far

  • Setting up a code template with built in tools to get you up and coding faster
  • A peek inside a more powerful IDE editor and why you would want to use it.
  • Using GIT – what is it (revision control software) and how to set yours up
  • A look behind the scenes at task automation with Python – what powers a local government every evening for GIS cleanup
  • Advanced ODBC / arcpy data access module connection strings
  • How to use ST_Geometry in your queries  to run spatial queries without ArcMap
  • Zipping files in python
  • Logging to a text file or SQL database

What is missing?  What would you all like to get out of an intermediate class?

It will be lecture format half day – unless we generate a long list and then maybe we will shoot for an all day class!